Harry Winston publishes a sumptuous book for the great delight of our eyes!

The famous American jeweler Harry Winston, that the beautiful Marilyn Monroe arrested in her famous song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, published a book chronicling the career filled with glamor and stones, “jeweler of the stars” Harry Winston himself .

There is a great love story between the house Harry Winston that opened in 1932, and the red carpet, celebrities, and women of high society.

Rizzoli Editions dazzle us with the release of this superb book prefaced by Andre Leon Talley, the charismatic collaborator of Vogue U.S.

This sumptuous book collection has magically found my home and I have the joy and pleasure today to share with you its finest extracts!


Harry Winston brand book livre diamonds diamants Editions Rizzoli Trendy Feather Blog

Cover of the Harry Winston book


The story begins when Winston buys some of the finest collections of American auctions of his era to recover and rehabilitate the stones in a more contemporary style, responding to the desires of customers in New York and initiated modern people.

Harry Winston brand book livre diamonds diamants Editions Rizzoli Trendy Feather Blog

“I love the world of diamonds. This is the world of Cinderella. There is everything! People! Drama! Love Stories! Gems! Speculation! Excitement! What we need more ?” Harry Winston’s quote from the book.

Elizabeth Taylor loved them, Marilyn crunched in her famous song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and we are all upset them; diamonds are indeed faithful friends …

 Classic Winston Cluster Earrings

“Any diamonds looks alike. Each diamond has a different nature. Care is taken for a diamond as we takes care of a person,” Harry Winston’s quote from the book.

The Asscher diamond pendant.

“I guess that’s what I’m looking forever. A jewel more perfect than the most perfect jewelry world,” quote from the Harry Winston’s book.

“I would like that the large improve public awareness the world of gemstones. People tend to forget that beautiful diamond, ruby ​​or emerald, however small it may be, is a treasure that is cherished for generations” , quote from the Harry Winston’s book.


My fav quote. . .
“If I could, I will attach the diamonds directly onto the skin of a woman. “


Lesotho ring, emerald cut diamond.

“Diamond has become a magic word,” Harry Winston’s quote from the book.

It reveals among other historic diamonds that are passed into the hands of Harry Winston such as Hope (45.52 ct blue diamond), which inspired the name of the foundation of Harry Winston, Lesotho (601 ct rough diamond .) and Jonker (diamond 726 ct.)

This book also pays tribute to Hollywood icons like Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor did shine Harry Winston’s carat in the most prestigious spotlights, but also the stone exception, true queen of this book.

Katharine Hepburn wearing the Inquisition Harry Winston’s necklace.

This book provides over 200 illustrations to retrace the creations development signed Winston through advertising campaigns, archive footage and photos of celebrities.

Gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow who wore this beautiful Harry Winston necklace to the Oscars in 1999, a gift from her father, the director Bruce Paltrow !

Twist bracelet, a rare piece from the archives is a breathtaking brilliance. Can you just imagine your arm with at a gala? Oh, yeah !


A sketch

Skycraper ring diamond and sapphire cabochon from New York Collection that I like a lot for its touch of modernity and its parts appearance that are quite exceptional for the quality of the stones presented by the implementation.

  Opus 12 Harry Winston Watch.


 Paisley Diamond Bracelet Watch

This fascinating book irresistibly draws the reader’s attention on some jewelry pieces and watch the most spectacular in history.


Harry Winston’s necklace Wreath sketch

With images of breathtaking beauty, there are a multitude of exceptional stones.

Harry Winston major book brand livre Trendy Feather by Chanel Cohen blog


A fusional relationship is revealed through the pages chronicling the career filled with glamor and “jeweler of the stars” stones with Harry Winston’s quotes from in person to better capture some of this magic stardust that jeweler was blowing on his creations.

This major book directly entitled Harry Winston is available since October at $ 85 (around 67 euros).




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